Latest Product Upgrades – FR Acrylic

FR Acrylic - Upgrade
We are always working towards making our products better so they are working harder for you. After extensive research and development, multiple tests and conversations with governing bodies we are happy to share with you the upgrades for Protecta® FR Acrylic:

This latest upgrade includes but is not limited to:Protecta FR Acrylic

  • The product now holds the UKCA mark
  • New VOC emission tests with additional approvals
  • Approvals in rigid walls with density as low as 350 kg/m3
  • Distances required to first service supports are increased
  • Approvals for
    • penetrating cable trays in walls
    • sleeved apertures, both plastic and steel sleeves
    • larger copper pipes up to Ø 159mm
    • copper pipes with continuous sustained phenolic foam pipe insulation
    • steel, copper and alupex pipes with continuous sustained plus locally interrupted glass-wool pipe insulation
  • Additional approvals for:
    • small plastic pipes in rigid walls and floors to higher fire classifications
    • un-insulated steel and copper pipes in rigid walls to higher fire classifications
  • Approval for PEX pipes with foam insulation
  • Added approvals for metal pipes with PU foam insulation

The upgrade to FR Acrylic is the part of an ongoing investment into product development, and there are more Protecta® product upgrades to follow.

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