Fortum Klaipėda

Waste Management Facilities (Lithuania)

UAB Fortum Klaipėda was founded in 2007 and this cogeneration unit has been operating in Klaipėda since 2013. Fortum Klaipėda plays a significant role in the waste management chain and contributes to the implementation of the circular economy in Lithuania.

The plant, which uses non-hazardous municipal and industrial waste as fuel, is the first in Lithuania and the Baltic States. Power is produced using the latest technology for maximum fuel consumption and efficient exhaust gas cleaning. The heat is supplied to the district heating network of Klaipėda and the electricity to the national electricity network.

Project details

  • Start date:

  • Protecta® products used:
    FR Board, FR Acrylic, FR Collar, FR Pipe Wrap & EX Mortar

  • Protecta® products supplied by GENOKE Trading OÜ