Ankara Bilkent City Hospital

Healthcare Campus (Ankara, Turkey)

Passive fire protection products

Ankara City Hospital Bilkent is a large hospital campus containing a variety of different wards, including cardiovascular, neurology, paediatrics, gynaecology, oncology, physical therapy and rehabilitation.

The hospital also houses a high security forensic psychiatric hospital and a clinical hotel.
The hospital is the largest public and private partnership project for health in Turkey and has the title of being the largest hospital constructed in one piece in the entire world. It also received the Best Infrastructure Finance Award among 100 candidates by the Bonds & Loans Turkey Awards in 2015.

Project details

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  • Protecta® products used:
    FR Acrylic, FR Graphite, FR Coating, EX Mortar, FR Pipe Wrap & FR Collar

  • Protecta® products supplied by EB Yapi