Products Upgraded – Sound Insulation

Protecta Product upgrade
After a series of additional tests the sound insulation data for FR Graphite Plate, Service Transits and ASF Acrylic have been upgraded.


This preformed self-adhesive intumescent plate can be used to reinstate the fire resistance performance of flexible wall constructions for up to 120 minutes, when punctured with plastic wall boxes. It's quick and easy to install and have been tested with a wide range of cables and conduits interconnected between boxes.


The Service Transit consists of a circular or rectangular high temperature shell containing a graphite based intumescent lining material. They have been designed to maintain the fire resistance of walls and floors when  breached by continuous cables, pipes and ducts.


The FR type service transits were originally designed to be positioned central within walls, but can also be positioned central within floors. The FF type service transits were designed specifically for floors, where they are positioned flush with the soffit side considering they may be fixed to shutters before the concrete is casted.Protecta Product UpgradesThe FD type service transits were specifically designed for plastic rectangular ducts, and are the only products with a steel casing instead of plastic tubes.


This 4 hour rated intumescent sealant is formulated with fillers that provide noise reduction. It is designed to prevent the spread of fire, smoke and gases through openings in fire rated walls and floors, specifically linear joints and openings for building service penetrations.

To view and download the updated Technical Data Sheets for the FR Graphite Plate and Service Transits please into the member's hub and go to the individual product pages. For the ASF Acrylic please email