Product Upgrade – FR Board

Product Upgrade FR Board
Our series of product upgrades continues - This time, we're happy to reveal that Protecta FR Board has received an extensive upgrade.

FR Board consists of a high density, stone wool core which is over-coated with FR Coating. It is designed to prevent the spread of fire and smoke through openings in fire rated walls and floors where openings are formed to allow the installation of multiple building services

The upgrade includes but is not limited to:Product Upgrade FR Board

  • New certifications for linear seals, ideal for fire barriers behind cladding/facades
  • The product now holds the UKCA mark
  • New VOC emission tests with additional approvals
  • Larger maximum apertures in floors
  • Approvals in rigid walls with density as low as 350 kg/m3
  • Approvals for use in composite floors
  • Approvals for sleeved apertures, both plastic and steel sleeves
  • New system article added, the FR Flexi-Board, for seals which require more flexibility/movement
  • FR Graphite can now be used in conjunction with FR Board with penetrating metal pipes; combustible insulation and zero distance
  • Approvals for bus-bars
  • Approvals for a range of plastic pipes in floors
  • Approvals for larger copper pipes up to Ø 159mm
  • Approvals for steel, copper and alupex pipes with continuous sustained plus locally interrupted glass-wool pipe insulation
  • Approvals for Wavin AS+ pipes
  • Added approval for Ø 160mm Geberit Silent PP pipes
  • Added approvals for multiple penetrations through 50mm FR Board in framed drywalls (and rigid walls)
  • Added approvals for flexible steel gas pipes
  • Additional approvals for small pipes and conduits in rigid walls to higher fire classifications
  • Added approvals for metal pipes with PU foam insulation

We have deleted some details in the installation instructions, to try and keep it manageable. These are solutions in 75mm drywalls and pattress applications, because we only need one detail to show how it’s done. However, all standard details in 100mm drywalls, can be used in 75mm drywalls and pattress applications, in addition to the details we selected.

The ETA for linear seals will follow, but it will be the same as the attached UKTA.

We have also tested ventilation ducts without dampers and the boards used as internal partition walls, it’s not part of this upgrade, but watch this space.

We've added the updated documents for FR Board to the website, including technical data sheet, installation instructions and certificates - You can view or download them by logging into the members portal.