Product Upgrade – Protecta Service Transits

Passive fire protection products
Continuing our commitment to product development, we're happy to announce the latest upgrade to Service Transits.

The upgrade to Service Transits includes but is not limited to:Product Upgrade Service Transit

• Approvals in rigid walls with density as low as 350 kg/m3
• Added approval for plastic pipes up to Ø 90mm in floors
• Increased fire classifications for empty service transits in rigid walls

Since there are new designs, we have differentiated the service transits into three groups:
FR – The ‘old’ design which can be used in both floors and walls
FF – A new design for floors where the service transit is flush with the soffit side, so it can be positioned on top of shutters and be cast in concrete
FD – A new rectangular duct with a lid, which is approved for square plastic ducts

To see more information about the sizes & intended use for these transits, please click here.

We continuously develop our products, and this upgrade for our service transits is just part of that. We'll be announcing more product upgrades as this development continues.

You can view or download the updated documents for Protecta Service Transits by logging into the members portal.