Upgrades to FR Putty range

Protecta FR Putty Range
We are pleased to announce that we have upgraded FR Putty range of products within the Protecta portfolio. The upgrade includes the following:

  • Approvals for FR Putty Pads with UK style steel socket boxes, also recessed in the wall and with extensions
  • Approval for fixing socket boxes to timber noggins
  • Approvals for FR Putty Cord with small plastic pipes in drywalls and rigid walls
  • Approvals for FR Putty Cord with small steel pipes insulated with glass wool pipe sections, both interrupted and sustained, in floors
  • Improved drawings in the installation instructions and ETA
  • Updated rules according to the newest standard EN 1366-3:2022 (rigid constructions density, service angles etc)

Please visit the FR Putty Pad pages (Electrical Sockets or Tap Water Wall Boxes) or the FR Putty Cord page to obtain the latest documentation.